Kelly Parish is the wife of Pastor Jonathan Parish and the mother of three beautiful children Morgan, Alex and Keaton. She is passionate about being a Godly wife and along with her husband raising their children to love and live for the Lord Jesus Christ. Her father-in-law, Pastor John Parish serves as her pastor and spiritual covering. She has been mentored by Darlene Bishop who has poured so much wisdom into her life over the years.

Kelly's vision is to see the Glory of God poured out on believers and nonbelievers alike as she endeavors to reap the promised harvest of souls. She walks in the supernatural on a daily basis, seeing God manifested in the home as well as the church. Kelly has a unique way of getting people off of their spiritual roller-coasters as God uses her to take people higher and higher in their walk with the Lord.

Her message enables believers to walk every day in the supernatural realms of God's Glory and Power as they acknowledge and entertain the manifest presence of God. Kelly teaches people how to create and live in an atmosphere of miracles, signs and wonders that causes unbelievers to run to God.

In every service Kelly flows with the Holy Spirit laying hands on those who are hungry for a fresh impartation of the anointing. Signs and wonders follow as people are filled and changed forever. She will be a blessing to your church or ladies group.